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Cristina 9 in Algarve, Portugal

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  • Cristina 9 sleeps 6 people
  • There are 3 bedrooms available
  • When you stay at Cristina 9 you'll have your own private pool
  • This holiday home in Portugal has 3 bathrooms/shower-rooms for you
  • This holiday home is quite central, so there's no need to hire a car
  • 5 minute walk to restaurants
  • Beach a 10 minute walk
  • Albufeira area of Algarve
  • This villa can be rented with James Villas

Details of Cristina 9

A lovely villa in the Albufeira area of the Algarve. Villa "Cristina 9" is within an easy walk of the restaurants, bars and beaches. Sleeping 6 people in 3 bedrooms, you'll find this is an ideal place to take a family holiday. Enjoy your own private pool. Or catch up on some reading while relaxing on a sun lounger. Of course, when you want to get out for a few hours, you don't even need to drive.

The nearest restaurants, bars, and supermarkets are all about ½ kilometre from villa Cristina 9. While the beach is just under a kilometre - an easy walk. In fact, why not skip hiring a car and get around on foot for a few days. You can always take a taxi to and from the airport. The airport is about 45 minutes from villa Cristina 9.

Cristina 9 on the map

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Portugal on map
Portugal is a popular location to take a villa holiday, with most of the villas to be found are in the "The Algarve" region. The Algarve is found along the south coast of Portugal, and contains some of the best beaches in Portugal. Try one of the villas featured here for a taste of some Portuguese sun, and experience those dream beaches.

For the golfers amongst you, The Algarve is renowned for both the quantity and quality of its golf courses. There is much more do to than just golf though. water-sports are very popular - so if you've ever fancied a go at snorkeling - this is the place to try! Swimming, fishing, and tennis are also well catered for.

The villa above is Cristina 9 - in the Algarve, region of Portugal. We've also listed several other villas in Portugal, so hopefully you'll find something to suit your holiday needs!

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If you want to find other villas which are, like Cristina 9, in the Albufeira region of Algarve, have a look at the villas in Albufeira featured here, and see whether there's anything else which takes your fancy. Albufeira is the biggest resort in the Algarve, and is the place to head for to spend days at the beach, or nights in the restaurants.
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